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Eyebrow Grooming: A Visual History

99   For two small strips of facial hair, eyebrows command a lot of attention. For good reason—they have a major impact on our appearance (have you seen these celebrities without eyebrows?!) While the shapes have certainly changed over time, our obsession with brow grooming has remained constant. Behold: a sweeping survey of arch trends, from overly tweezed Renaissance women to the ‘80s bushy caterpillar brows that we all know and love. Ancient Egypt: Arched and Dark The era: 3000 BC – 31 BC Cleopatra and her peers were all about the dramatic, sweeping arch. Egyptians of all walks darkened their eyes
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Spring’s Top Nail Trends, Straight From a Pro

38   Now that spring is finally around the corner—April 07!—it’s time to make some stylish updates to your look, starting with your nail game. Given that nail art isn’t going away anytime soon, you’ll want to make sure your seasonal vibe is on-point to compete with the likes of fellow bold digit fans like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel. To help you get there, I asked my good friend, celebrity manicurist and wedding nail art extraordinaire Destinee Handly, to select three trends she’s feeling for the warm-weather season. Catch them below, and be sure to follow Miss Handly’s inspirational Instagram for more ideas!  
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