The 5 Hottest Summer Festival Hairstyles…


A smart advice for managing frizz-prone hair at a (likely humid) all-day music fest. Don’t let the weather get in the way of rocking out to your favourite band!

Turban Headband


You really can’t go wrong with a turban headband. You can wear your curly hair down, in a braid, or even in a topknot. This ‘do shows off your hair’s texture while adding a boho pop of color. For the tousled wave look, wash and airdry your hair, followed with a volumizing mousse like this one from Ojon.


Flowers Tucked Into a ‘Fro

Take a cue from Brazilian model Paula Almeida and channel your flower child by placing large daisies at the front of your head. Use real or artificial flowers to create this dainty and delicate look.



10HottestFestivalHairstyles_500x500_11Flower Crown with Waves

Make like Taylor Swift and part your curly locks down the middle then place a headband to rest towards the top of your forehead. For added texture, try a fishtail braid-out.



Halo Braid

Start by creating a French braid that leads into a side bun at the nape of the neck. Variations include turning your French braid into a French twist and moving the bun’s location to either the center of your head or towards the side (so that you can see it from the front).



10HottestFestivalHairstyles_500x500_18Beaded Chain

If you’re a fan of the exotic, bohemian look try wearing a beaded chain headdress. Pick one with a powerful centerpiece and position it in the middle of your forehead to create an aesthetically and symmetrically pleasing look.




So what will you choose for summer girls?

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