Get a Head Start on Spring with these Candy-Colored Polishes


February_SpoilerPost_02_700x400I’m forever stumbling upon the Internet’s most eye-catching nail art. But I have a confession to make: As much as I’ll wholeheartedly double tap a pic of a crazy cool custom manicure, I admit don’t have the time, patience, or skill to pull off these work-intensive designs myself.

That’s why I was especially excited when OPI’s brand new Sheer Tints Collection came across my desk last week. These polishes are like the Gelly Roll pens of the nail polish world—one flavor just isn’t enough. The sheer neon polishes come in four colors that can either be used as a top coat to change up the look of a base polish, or worn alone for a sheer wash of color. And good news for all you manicure junkies—they’re scheduled to make an appearance in some of your February walks!

After a season of dark navy and moody burgundy, I felt like my digits were practically begging for the attention of these sunny hues. But where to begin? After some initial swatching—and a sidetracked hour-long pinning sesh searching for the perfect balayage hair color—I suddenly had an epiphany. I’d attempt a gradient ombré manicure! Minus the sponges, toothpicks, and über precision. I painted my nails a bright, opaque white for the base color, then layered on shades like ”Don’t Violet Me Down” and “I Can Teal You Like Me.” Because these polishes are so sheer, they’re virtually mistake-proof. The result? A colorful rainbow manicure that’s decidedly cooler—and way easier—than your average nail art.

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