Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish!


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Can’t decide between two nail polish hues? The pros at Ruby Wing have come up with a solution to the ultimate polish conundrum: color-changing polish. Wear one vibrant shade indoors, and embrace a totally different color when the sun’s UV rays hit your nails. Better yet, these polishes are lightly scented with the floral notes. We’re adding these to our mani must-have list.

How it Works

Formulated with SolarActive® Technology, each polish transitions from one shade to another as soon as you step out into the sunlight and come into contact with UV rays. Walk back indoors, and your nails will return to the original color. Each Ruby Wing polish is non-toxic, vegan, and environmentally safe.

How to Use

After applying your favorite base coat, apply two thin coats of Ruby Wing polish. Add a topcoat for shine and protection (don’t worry, it won’t impact the color-changing technology). Step out into the sun and admire your shade-shifting mani.

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